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Sports Injuries & Performance

Dr. Rowdy Teaff has experience in nearly every sector of the fitness and human performance industry ranging from supplement sales to collegiate strength and conditioning. As a former collegiate athlete, Dr. Rowdy understands how important the game is to athletes, and his goal is to keep them playing if at all possible. Dr. Rowdy's approach to sports injuries combines principles from pain science, injury rehabilitation, and strength & conditioning. The treatment provided is aimed to mitigate risk of injury so athletes can stay in the game and be their best. 

Image by Victor Freitas

Sports injuries can be debilitating for athletes both physically and mentally. When athletes lose a part of their outlet due to injury, it can be difficult to return to the game without fear of re-injury. Dr. Rowdy utilizes a multimodal approach that can include joint mobilization, cupping, dry needling, soft tissue work, exercises, supplement recommendations, and spinal manipulation. The combination of treatments, in addition to patient education, is aimed to mitigate injury risk, increase recovery, and improve performance. 

Be your best. 

Whether you're recovering from an injury, or wanting to stay at the top of your game, T/Spine Chiropractic & Rehabilitation has the tools to help you be your best.

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